Cats the Musical

Another quiet week in terms of the blog, which means I actually had a super busy week in reality, and what a week it was! I got to perform in Cats the musical! Day 1 - Collecting our costumes and first run through with the band. Day 2 - First make up trial and spacing... Continue Reading →


Fall in love with your life

After having another super busy week I took some time last night to plan this coming week and to take a look at the new book/journal I bought the other day. I love stationary and couldn't resist this one from Kiki K, it's beautiful and uses my favourite colours! Something very simple has stuck with... Continue Reading →

10 a day? Really!

I was just watching something on TV with my morning cuppa and I think most of us have heard about our 5 a day but apparently there has been evidence that we need to be eating 10 portions of fruit and veg every day. My initial reaction was that it seems quite difficult but I... Continue Reading →

Tired, Tired, Tired…

So today I slept! This might seem alien to some of you, or boring, or even normal, but I had a nap this morning. I was never someone who would sleep when the baby sleeps because well that was my time and I wanted to get some things done, or simply sit with a cup... Continue Reading →

Having children and friendship

Friendship is something I feel I have struggled with throughout my life, perhaps even right back to primary school. I had a best friend from a very early age, too early to remember but quite quickly a third friend was added in and we became a three, which in my opinion just doesn't work. Someone... Continue Reading →

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